The 5 Golden Rules for Content Marketing in 2018

By Jessica Watson,

Today everyone wants to build a brand with an enormous audience, Promoting and building your brand through social media and other ways is a wise idea, but you should take advantage of content marketing too. Content marketing is a process of creating useful, appropriate, and informative content to acquire a target audience. When you will get traffic to your website, surely it will increase your sales and revenue. Many people heard about content marketing but very few of them know the tactics to make the most out of it. Today I am going to share the latest five golden rules for content marketing in 2018, if you will follow these rules you will get amazing results.

Clear Goal in Mind

The first rule in the content marketing is having a clear goal and purpose in mind. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know when you will be there. You should have a strong marketing strategy in mind; highly focused strategies have more chances of success. Make a list of things which your audience likes and start working on them. If you know the taste of your audience this will help you to create a master plan for your marketing campaign.

Quality not Quantity

You have to be very consistent with quality; you must understand that your audience wants more quality content rather than content huge in quantity. Share a little bit less content but the quality should not drop. If your quality content will be read by 1000 people who will share and like your work is way better than 2000 person which won’t give any attention to it. So focus should be on quality. If you will pass on great information to your readers, a time will come when you will have a large fan following. Also be available to your audience, don’t just run away after publishing something, read their comments and answer their questions in a proper manner.

Build the Audience Chain

This is the most important rule in the content marketing. You must remain in contact with other fellow marketers, Read their content, and give honest comments and your feedback to them. By doing this you will get the same in return. Those marketers will also talk about your content and their audience will follow you too. You can’t guess how many opportunities you can get by building a chain of the audience.

Be Original

Don’t copy any content from other people, just be original and real. If your audience will know you have copied something from somewhere, it can end in a very devastating way. So it is really important to keep this thing in mind. Keep your tone very friendly and natural, Some people will like and read your content just because of your tone and your way of explaining things, So you should have a grip on this, if not, keep practicing you will be perfect after some time.

Start a series of content

After finding your audience, it is very necessary to keep them engaged so the best thing at this moment will be to create a series of content and publish content after taking some time. This will create curiosity among your readers, they will wait for your posts and you will get regular readers. One thing to remember in this process is the topic and content of the series should be interesting and up to the taste of your readers, read feedback after every post it will help you to improve yourself. If your series will be boring or not informative, it will only result in a waste of time and efforts.

Success in a business depends upon many factors but the main factor is the marketing, if your marketing tactics will be good you can sell an average product very easily. For content marketing you must follow these golden rules for the success of your campaign.

About the author 

This article was written by Jessica Watson. Jessica has been writing for blogs and websites for four years now. She has an interest in social media, business, technology, and finance. Now, she is working with Aurion International who offers ISO certification in Dubai and UAE.  

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