Sport Betting In Africa, The New Opium of the Masses

Someone once said that religion was the only opium of the masses, but the narrative long changed in Africa. There is a new opium in the continent where the tongues of both young and old, men and women are wagging about it; this is sport betting.

Almost every African knows what betting is all about with some prominent betting firms featuring in almost every communication.

Sports betting, generally, is the activity of individuals, both men and women, predicting results of sports or the outcome of a game or match and, in the process, placing a wager or a bet, mostly in form of money on the outcome of the game or match. In Africa, the mobile phone age has made sport betting both easy and fun with majority of betting firms using both online and ‘tap to go’ modes of betting. One is expected to place a bet by sending a certain amount of money via mobile money transfer (in most cases) against the outcome of a game or games and if the prediction is correct, one wins and if it goes South, the betting firm gets the money.

In a span of less than two years, sport betting firms have been flowing into the continent, opening up shop in every corner. At one time, some African countries was described as a gambling continent where people, mostly young men, took on sport betting as a profession. The high rate of unemployment in the continent, which is currently standing at more than 40% percent, with the majority of those affected being young people, has even made the matters worse. A debate is still raging whether sport betting is good for the economy of the country and whether it is doing more good than harm to the African population.

There are numerous registered sport betting firms in the continent. All these betting firms target the African population especially the young generation with some like boasting of as many global-standard features such as as Bet9ja. Founded in 2012 by KC Gaming Limited, Bet9ja has grown to become one the leading sports betting firms in Nigeria. Apart from the many global-standard features on this site, the one other thing that should attracts customers is the SPORTMAX Bet9ja bonus code. Users can use the Bet9ja bonus code to earn 100 percent of the value of their deposit. All they need is need to do to earn this free cash is to sign up on the site and enter the Bet9ja bonus code: SPORTMAX during the sign-up process. These two steps alone are enough to get you to the position you need to earn the 100 percent Bet9ja promotion code bonus.

Well, at the beginning, the betting expedition was only seen to be targeting the youth but as the time flew by, old men and women also joined.

Many people have argued that sport betting is good for the economy of Kenya. Sport firms, according to audited reports have been making billions of shillings in terms of income. These firms pay taxes to the government hence bring in revenue. Some firms such as have been sponsoring football activities by sponsoring teams, helping in the renovation of stadiums as well as nurturing talents across the continent.

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