What does playing in FIFA mean to players?

FIFA World Cup has always been one of the major sporting and cultural events at the international level, which doesn’t just allow the world to get together but also helps countries to promote tourism, just like Russia is doing this time around. And if you are a sports better, we are sure you would be busy – with Betway sports betting, you could win real big by just making the right predictions.

However, it’s the fans and the host countries that we talked about above.

The question though is, how does the FIFA World Cup mean for the players?

Needless to say, everybody dreams of winning the tournament. Each win is amazing and each loss devastating. Whatever the performance a team has, getting a chance to show the level of talent at that turns out to be greater deal than you might think. Since the beginning of the FIFA World Cup in 1930, in the country of Uruguay, FIFA has seen a steady increase in the quality of the game and number of countries. With the upcoming Summer WC in Russia, 32 countries would be fighting off for the trophy and huge amount called the prize money.

The Newbies

Qualifying for the World Cup and getting a chance to represent your country at such a scale, is probably one of the prime reasons why a person wants to pursue football as a full-time professional career. Add to it the fact the amount of recognition it brings along with it.

What’s more, if you somehow manage to win the World Cup as a youngster, the road ahead smothers down a lot. This comes in form of the live example of Pele, who was 17 yrs old when his first World Cup triumph came along in 1958. He went to become not only the greatest player of his time but a 3-time WC winner as well. This list also includes footballer like Salemon Cameroon and Norman Whiteside. Players such as these and most others not only bring glory to the game, but also the nation they represent.

Old Boy Scout Club

FIFA holds a great deal of importance, not only for the young blood but also the experienced players. They get to bring new and better dimensions in the sport through their time with the game. A lot of incredibly talented players have made an appearance later on in their lives and made an impact with their game.

Former Northen Ireland goalkeeper, Pat Jennings made an appearance at the age of 41 years. Jennings went onto win the FA cup and several more tournaments for his club.

Financial Value

Needless to deny, the World Cup does hold tremendous financial aspect attached to it. The trophy was designed in 1971 and was almost $50,000 back then. Which in today’s estimation fall under $10mn. World Cups generate a pretty hefty economic value. In Japan 2002, it was $9mn, in Germany 2006, $12mn. In Brazil it was around $14mn and Russia is estimated cross almost $20mn. The prize money received by winning countries, boost morale and helps in better of the individual.

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