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TECNO Mobile will be launching the PhonePad 3 soon, the first device we will be seeing from the company this year.

Although there has not been any specific date of the release, TECNO has given a lot of teasers about the Phonepad 3 on its various social media pages, some of which we can confirm.

The teasers indicate that the device is an Android smart Pad and if you have been following the company closely you can predict the device will be something to watch out for.  They hint at impressive features that will make the device stand out from the previous pads. Again it is not entirely clear what we are going to see from Tecno Mobile but the expectations are high and Tecno isn’t afraid to think outside the box.

From the leaked images, you can tell the PhonePad 3 will be one of the most attractive Phonepad ever.


In terms of specs, the TECNO Phonepad 3 will feature features a 7.5-inch HD IPS display as well as 1280 X 800 pixels screen resolution. It will come with a 3GB RAM with 16GB internal memory. We can also confirm that the phone will come loaded with a fingerprint sensor to increase the security level.

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The Phonepad 3 will also come installed with Android 6.0 Mashmallow processor, so don’t expect it to be running on the latest version 7.0(Nougat).

For camera lovers, the Phonepad 3 surpasses that of most smartphones in its range. A 13MP rear and 5MP front camera is what you will get with the device, and yes, it will also have dual flash.

We are not sure how much it will cost you to get the Phonepad 3 as TECNO Mobile has not yet revealed the price. All we will have to do is just to patiently wait for the release which is closer than we expect.

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