Kaspersky Lab announces new business solution to empower SMBs

Kaspersky Lab announces a new Software-as-a-Service solution that will provide small and medium-sized businesses with multi-layered IT security. Known as Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, the solution offers advanced functionality and proven protection that can be managed easily via a simple cloud-based console with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are using 100-1000 devices, including not just personal computers and laptops, but also smartphones and tablets. With these devices, they experience a number of IT security threats. Among the top 5 causes of the most serious data breaches are viruses and Trojans, exploits and loss through mobile malware, crypto-ransomware, phishing and carelessness of employees. According to the global Corporate IT Security Risks Survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab in 2016, 48% of respondents admit that complexity of IT infrastructure increased and 62% of all SMBs had suffered 2-5 separate incidents of data loss in one year.

Despite the wide range of security products on the market today, SMBs may struggle to find a comprehensive solution they can implement and afford. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud has been developed to meet the evolving needs of SMBs and their under-resourced IT teams, as well as the Managed Service Providers (MSP) who support them.

The solution provides businesses with effective protection for Windows workstations, file servers, Android and iOS mobile devices, all through a simple and intuitive console. Based on advanced, multi-layered security technologies, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud leverages industry leading protection features, including Kaspersky Security Network and System Watcher, to protect users from both known and emerging threats.

The centralized cloud management console does not require advanced IT skills, significantly reducing the burden on over-stretched IT professionals. It can be used at any time and from any location to remotely distribute software and to monitor and manage the security of up to one thousand corporate users.

Further, using the cloud console means that companies do not need to purchase additional server hardware or software in order to manage their IT security.  Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud offers SMBs a choice of annual license or monthly subscription, making it convenient to budget for capital or operational expenses.

“Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud provides SMBs with sophisticated technologies that block known and emerging threats while providing simple and convenient management.  It allows SMBs to make the most of limited budgets whether they have their own IT headcount, or whether they outsource their security management. Our products are known as the industry’s most tested and awarded, so we can give SMBs the peace of mind they need to concentrate on building their businesses knowing that they are protected from cyber dangers,” said Vladimir Zapolyansky, Head of SMB Marketing at Kaspersky Lab.

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