Huawei files a lawsuit against the US government’s trade ban

Huawei Technologies Inc has had a rough time the past two weeks since the US trade blacklist by President Donald Trump. The ban restricted the company from transacting business with any US-based company. The prohibition to Huawei has been a big blow since core partners to its Smartphone business reside in the United States. Qualcomm, Broadcom, ARM, WiFi Alliance have all cut business with Huawei. Google’s ban is still temporarily not practical until the 90 day grace period elapses.

Even though Huawei is preparing a Plan B to the issues under their belt, the company has filed a lawsuit against the trade blacklist. Huawei was banned back in March this year whereby the company wasn’t allowed to sell its smartphones in the US market. Also, a few weeks ago, Trump trade-blacklisted the company. A lead to the current matters in question.

According to a recent report, Huawei has requested a “motion for summary judgment” a pledge to make things right for them. Huawei wants the ban reversed as the ban doesn’t address any network security issues or does the  US have any “evidence to show that Huawei is a security threat,” said Sony Luiping, the company’s chief legal officer. Besides, Liupig stated that the ban is only a distraction from the real challenges facing the tech industry.

“There is no gun, no smoke. Only speculation.”

The company stated that they have decided to turn their heads to the U.S judicial system as the “last line of defense for justice.” Stating further their strong belief in the “independence and integrity” of the system.

The case is set to be heard on 9th September this year. Although even if Huawei wins the lawsuit, the damage has already been done and they will have to invest more to regain customer’s confidence in the company.

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