TECNO Boom J8 Unboxing and First impressions.

Last  Saturday TECNO Mobile unveiled its first 2016 smartphone, the TECNO Boom J8. The J8 is the successor of the TECNO Boom J7 and both of these phones are basically music phones. The colorful launch was held at Garden City Mall on Thika Road which I was privileged to attend. But all that aside, I managed to get the TECNO Boom J8 courtesy of TECNO Mobile and I will be sharing my experience with you later own.

TECNO Mobile Retail Head and training manager Dickson Ireri and TECNO Mobile staff during the TECNO Brand Day at The Garden City Mall
TECNO Mobile Retail Head and training manager Dickson Ireri and TECNO Mobile staff during the TECNO Brand Day at The Garden City Mall.

Remember when we first told you about this phone and what to expect? Well, it turns out we were not wrong. The TECNO Boom J8 is indeed the first smartphone from TECNO Mobile to feature the new HiOS plus some other cool features like a 13MP auto-focus rear/ 5.0MP front cameras, a 2GB RAM, a 16GB internal memory plus some others I will be telling you later on when I do my review of the phone. 

Remember TECNO Mobile debuted the Boom Series back in 2015 through the launch of the Boom J7 which boasted a minimalistic yet exquisite design and was the first music centric smartphone to launch in Kenya and its foray in the Kenyan market has been quite successful so far. The new TECNO Boom J8 is however a serious upgrade of the J7 as I will be telling you in my review I before the end of the week.


In this article I am just going to unbox the TECNO Boom J8 for you and give you first impressions of what the phone basically comes with. I will also be sharing the unboxing video later on that we did with my team just the other day with you to give you a taste of how it feels like owning the TECNO Boom J8.

So what exactly do you get when you order the TECNO Boom J8? The first time thing you see is some huge pack. Well, i just gave you a tip of what to expect when you chose to by the TECNO Boom J8, a massive box.


So what makes up the unexpected big pack? Don’t be surprised when you see people around the CBD or your estate walking around with TECNO headphones as this is what comes along with the J8. TECNO mobile is offering free Boom headphones when you order the J8 to spice up your audio experience.  In short, you have the headphones packed in a huge blue box while the TECNO Boom J8 itself is packed in different bright yellow box.

Let’s start by opening the bright yellow box containing the J8. Opening the box you are welcomed by the neatly placed TECNO Boom J8.  



Of course there is this quick urge that drives me to get deep into the box to look at the phone design which as I said earlier is a complete upgrade of the TECNO Boom J7, from the design and other key features.

Inside the box we also have the usual accessories you would expect any device to come with, that is USB cable and a wall mount charger.


The next box to open is the blue box which has a transparent see through top giving you a full view of what is actually in the box, the Boom headphones.





TECNO mobile decided to completely complement the music the function of the J8 with an appealing design and a free Boom Headphone. Something I find quite unique.

So that is all you have in the box , the TECNO Boom J8 smartphone itself, a USB cable, charger, the TECNO phone cover and the Boom Headphones.


You can also check a simple short video unboxing below.

As i mentioned I will also be doing the full review of the TECNO Boom J8 and give you all the major and minor details you might need to know about the phone.




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