You can now take all TECNO Mobile related queries to TECNO SPOT Forum

TECNO Mobile has opened an online forum that will give users from across Africa a chance to interact and ask questions about TECNO products and also discuss other issues on technology. The platform known as TECNO SPOT will also be a community for TECNO fans to share their experience and also get timely updates for their TECNO phones.

The forum comes at time when rumors were going round that the company which has a major share in the African smartphone market was planning to release a new smartphone, possibly the successor of the J7 into the market soon. This forum will therefore give users a chance to ask questions about such rumors as well as ask about the company next products and plans.

TECNO SPOT will also offer users a chance to interact with the company’s customer service for technical questions or problems regarding their TECNO phones.  ‘’This is a forum where tech lovers and TECNO users meet to discuss all topics related to the ever evolving technology,’’ TECNO Mobile said ‘’In this community, fans will not have to suffer the long queues at Call care Service Centers to get technical support, the community made of tech lovers will provide the technical support needed’’

Online forums have always turned out to be a fantastic reminder of the influence a company has on its consumers. Many successful marketing campaigns have always created groups that have always proved to be a great way to find community, engage current audience members and prospective customers build a brand as well as add value to customer’s lives. TECNO SPOT wants to take advantage of this to continue growing their presence in the market which if full of competition due to so many Smartphone brands invading the African market.

According to TECNO Mobile, TECNO SPOT is more than just an information hub.  TECNO fans will have a chance to access relevant technical information and also share information related to TECNO and its products. The forum also gives users useful information about TECNO’s previous products.

‘’There will be endless flow of information in this hub for all who join. Fans will also access various resources for their phones such as software’’

By the time I was doing this article, the forum had more than 400 members already with over 200 topics being discussed.

TECNO Mobile has consistently dominated the African market with a recent report showing that the company is the third largest smartphone vendor in Q3 2015 in the Middle East and Africa region. The report by Counterpoint, a technology market research company showed that Tecno almost doubled its market share from 4.8% in Q3 2014 to 8.2% in Q3 2015.  It will therefore very interesting to see how TECNO SPOT will help increase the company’s position in Africa as well as help users understand what plans it has for the African Market.

You can visit and sign up for TECNO SPOT here to join other tech enthusiasts to discuss about emerging trends in technology and as TECNO Mobile as many questions as you can. You also stand a chance to win lots of prizes when using the site.

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