Video: What you missed from the Airtel Sondeka Festival 2015

Sondeka is Africa’s first annual creative festival, which serves as a platform for numerous events, activities, exhibitions that showcase Africa’s creative industry and promote Africa as a centre for creativity and investment opportunities.

According to the organizers ,the festival will continue to enable creative entrepreneurs sell goods and services, attract investment, develop new markets, and showcase new and emerging talent. Creatives are encouraged to up cycle and create social innovations for sustainable futures.

This year Airtel Kenya, Hivos and Creatives Garage partnered expand the festival allowing for more music performances, more innovators and more artists showcasing their work.

If you missed it watch the video below:

For two consecutive years Sondeka has attracted close to 6,000 people from across the African continent. Sondeka Festival 2014 saw a growth since its debut in 2013 – initially focused heavily on the arts it has now morphed into an innovative extravaganza. In the 2014 edition Sondeka showcased robotics and aeronautical ingenuity. An opportunity that has propelled some of the innovators to the market place, a market they previously didn’t have access to.

The 3 day Airtel Sondeka Festival 2015  brought together all forms of creativity into one space to collaborate, co-create and showcase skills and social innovations for sustainable futures. It further enables creative entrepreneurs to sell goods and services, attract investment, develop new markets and showcase emerging talent. We must build a culture of embracing our home made solutions if we are to thrive and build the creative economy.


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