Sony launches retro edition of PlayStation on 20th anniversary


PlayStation has just turned twenty this week. In celebration of the occasion, Sony has unveiled a limited edition 4th generation console that comes in the color scheme and design as that of the original PlayStation console. A limited edition version, only 12, 300 pieces of the console will be up for sale.

The detailing is very minute and not only the controller, but also power cables are colored in the same gray that the 1994 console had. For those who might not want to buy a new console just for nostalgia, also have the option of download the latest firmware update, because Sony has also released a new Psone theme even for the current generation of consoles. With this, you can enjoy details such as vintage start-up sounds.

The console which is usually seen in black presently, will revert to the grey of its very first model. The controllers come in grey also, and one can expect from special packaging as well.

The Playstation was actually a collaboration in the 1980s between Sony and Nintendo. Eventually Sony backed out of the partnership. Ken Kutaragi is often referred to as the ‘father of the PlayStation’. The console was launched in Europe and the US in 1995 after having been already launched in Japan. Its main competitors were the Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn, but PlayStation was the first gaming console to sell a 100 million units.

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