Discovering the Refreshed HMD Experience

HMD Global, the renowned maker of Nokia phones, has recently introduced an exciting new look and feel, along with outlining their fresh strategic direction. This unveiling took place at this year’s Mobile World Conference, where the company showcased its vision for Human Mobile Devices (HMD) through a comprehensive multi-brand strategy.

At the core of this transformative change lies HMD’s commitment to crafting phones that are not only affordable and visually appealing but also durable and repairable. They aim to provide solutions that address common technological challenges such as electronic waste and digital exhaustion, ultimately enhancing users’ lives.

As anticipation builds, particularly with upcoming announcements in Kenya, HMD emphasizes that this year marks a significant milestone as they debut their revamped identity. They affirm that 2024 is poised to become the year of Human Mobile Devices, promising several key developments.

Committed to continue making the legendary Nokia phones

First and foremost, Nokia phones remain a cornerstone of HMD’s portfolio. Contrary to speculation, they reassure users that Nokia devices are here to stay. HMD will continue producing Nokia phones alongside their own branded devices. Existing Nokia device owners can expect ongoing support and updates throughout their warranty period.

Exciting new Partnerships

Furthermore, HMD is ready to enter new partnerships, underscoring its multi-brand strategy. Jean-Francois Baril, HMD’s CEO, highlights the company’s commitment to collaboration with amazing new global brands and partners. This collaborative approach ensures a diverse range of offerings to consumers.

Introduction of HMD-Branded Phones

Moving forward, HMD will introduce a range of new HMD-branded phones later this year. This lineup will include three types of smartphones, some of which will prioritize sustainability and repairability. Additionally, a special Barbie flip phone, developed in partnership with Mattel, is scheduled to drop later this year.

Enter HMD Fusion

HMD Fusion represents a groundbreaking innovation—a smartphone-style device that empowers users to customize their hardware accessories to meet their specific needs. With the accompanying toolkit unveiled at MWC, users can seamlessly program their devices to enhance functionality. Essentially, HMD Fusion serves as a compact computing core, compatible with various smartphone configurations.

Looking Ahead

As HMD continues to redefine the mobile experience, anticipation grows for the innovations they will unveil throughout the year. With a steadfast commitment to user-centric design, sustainability, and collaboration, HMD is poised to make a meaningful impact in the realm of mobile technology.

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