CcHUB to launch $15 million accelerator for the ed-tech startups in Kenya and Nigeria

Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB), touted as Africa’s largest innovation and incubation hub, has announced it is launching a $15 million accelerator program for targeting ed-tech startups.

The initiative dubbed The EdTech Fellowship Program is set to benefit 72 startups in Nigeria and Kenya over the next three years.

The accelerator program will support and expand the impact of ed-tech startups across Africa, as well as support founders offering tech solutions that address learning innovation across the education sector. Reports say that ed-tech is the eighth most invested sector and this funding will give a much-needed boost to innovators and creators in this space.

Bosun Tijani, the co-founder, and CEO of CcHUB says that they will also be looking to link up various players within the education sector.

“If we invest intentionally in a very structured ed-tech inclusive ecosystem of government, teachers, investors, foundations, and even in some cases, the students and their parents, we believe that we can begin to gain a better understanding of how to use technology to improve learning in schools,”

CcHUB says they aim to support startups that drive learning outcomes.

To achieve this, the incubator will work with in-house research teams that will be tasked to work with startups in testing products, launching, and helping them to upscale.

“Over the next three years, we will have 72 ed-tech companies launched into the market. We believe this will kickstart the ecosystem and reboot it afresh because out of that number, at least you’re sure about half or 20-30% of them would live for another three to four years. And that will allow us to know if technology can truly work for education in Africa,” Tijani said.

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