SNOKOR, new smartphone brand enters the Kenyan market

Recent times have seen different Smartphone brands  invade the booming Kenyan Smartphone market. The recent one being SNOKOR, a  Smartphone brand targeting to supply the best quality and most affordable Smartphone to African and Asian people.

The Smartphone comes a time when the number of Kenyans using Smartphones continues to grow drastically. Recent reports suggest that 87 % of Kenyans are now using smartphones, with a number of them using the smartphones to access the internet.



It is estimated that the market share for smartphones in Kenya will outgrow the one for features phones in the next 3 to 4 years. Some of the driving forces to this will be the huge availability of the smartphones, the massive choice and new features provided and SNOKOR is the latest smartphone to tap into this growth.

Being the first country to launch the SNOKOR smartphone in the world, the manufacturers say they wants to tap into the Kenyan market with this affordable smartphone targeting low budget users. It is also targeting Smartphone users from across Africa, Middle East and South as well as Southeast Asia.

The phone comes with some cool features, a 5.0 screen display an 8GB internal memory , 1GB RAM, a Quad Core 1.2Ghz processor, an Android Lollipo 5.1 processor and will cots you just Kshs.6,500.

SNOKOR predicts to sell 60, 000 pieces in the first three months and 400, 000 pieces in the first year in Kenya and they are optimistic they will achieve this target considering the affordable prize of the smartphones.

The company says the smartphone which is currently available on Kilimall is a good target to the fresh working, university students and supply the most affordable products with high quality. They add that SNOKOR is the first internet smartphone brand in Kenya that only targets fresh working consumers and university students.

Competitive as the Kenyan Smartphone market is, SNOKOR is a brand that many Kenyan consumers might not know about but they will sure fall in love with. So, keeps the #RockOnWithSnokor conversation going to learn more about the Smartphone.

We will have the review on TechTrendsKE in the coming week.


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