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Commerce Department says U.S. companies can work with Huawei on 5G and other standards

The United States (US) Commerce Department is easing some restrictions it had laid to the Chinese telecom giant Huawei. The department is modifying part of...

Huawei’s Patents on 5G means the US will pay despite Trump’s ban – Report

Chinese tech giant Huawei owns most 5G patents than any other tech company, reveals a study done by two firms - GreyB Services Pte.,...

US Government Moves To Block Huawei From Global Chip Supplies

Huawei will soon face more problems after the US Department of Commerce, enacted new rules that would cut off the Chinese telecom equipment maker...

US President Donald Trump Extends Huawei Ban Till 2021

US President Donald Trump has extended the country’s ban on companies deemed as a threat to national security from doing business with US-based companies. The...

Some US Companies Are Being Licensed To Resume Trading With Huawei

Recently, the US Commerce Department gave Huawei another 90-day temporary license to continue supporting its telco customers in rural America. The latest reports indicate that...
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Huawei Granted Another 90-Day Reprieve From The US Ban

For the third time, the US Commerce Department has granted Huawei a 90-day reprieve from the ban. The company received another temporary license effective...
This customer service center will cover the Western region and according to Huawei, it will provide an opportunity for customers in the region to interact with Huawei products

Huawei Might Lose $30 Billion in Revenue due to the US ban

Since the Washington trade ban on the Chinese tech giant Huawei, there hasn’t been a word that quantifies the extent of the ban in...




Ngao Credit: How SMEs can benefit from Our Jijenge loan product

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting the global economy hard. While it is hard to exactly tell the extent the damage the virus will have...

24Bit Podcast Episode 23: Are Kenyans Ready for Cashless Matatu Payments?

In this latest episode of our 24Bit podcast, Emmanuel Chenze, Nick Kanali and Dickson Otieno discuss the new upcoming requirement by the NTSA to...