Atlancis Technologies launches CINAbox, a container in a box solution in Kenya

Atlancis Technologies which specializes in delivering ecosystem-transforming ICT solutions has launched CINAbox, a Container in a box solution in Kenya.  

CINAbox is a full containerization enabler that works as an all-in-one solution combining compute, memory, storage, and containerized apps orchestration and deployment. It allows improved security by isolating applications from the host system and from each other.

According to Atlancis, CINAbox containerization has been designed to enhance continuous integration and deployment, synchronization, and scalability. 

‘’It holds the ability to handle increasing workloads, including business-critical and clustered application workloads.’’ Daniel Njunguna, CEO of ATLANCIS said during the launch.

It also supports SATA, SDD, and NVMe media types. Depending on customer choice, CINAbox containerization supports the creation of storage pools based on the chosen media. To give our customers a choice, CINAbox also offers three solution builds: two builds for pre-production and development and a base configuration for production container workloads.

‘’To remain competitive and vibrant in agile DevOps, you require continuous integration & deployment to meet the current needs of application users. Make use of the CINAbox containerization platform to smoothen your DevOps culture. ‘’ the company says.

Depending on the preferred deployment option, the Container in a box solution can be used to run virtually any data centre workload. This could be Agile Software development practice to enhance Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) DevOps culture, Pre-production environment for testing and migration from legacy bare metal and virtual machine applications among other workloads.

Atlancis launched CINABox in partnership with Red Hat, a software company that provides open-source software products to enterprises.

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