Breaking: President Ruto declines to sign the Finance Bill 2024

Kenya’s president William Ruto has declined to sign the controversial Finance Bill 2024 just a day after the bill was adopted by the National Assembly.

The move comes after massive protests hit the country over the bill with Kenyans calling for its complete rejection. On Tuesday, thousands of young Kenyans hit the streets terming the bill as oppressive. The protests left around 8 people dead and others injured. 

The Finance Bill 2024 is planned to raise $2.7 billion in additional taxes to reduce the budget deficit and state borrowing. This has met with nationwide citizen protests.

The president is set to address the nation later this evening.


Kenya’s president William Ruto has announced that he rejects and withdraws the Finance Bill.

”Listening keenly to the people of Kenya who have said loudly that they want nothing to do with this Finance Bill 2024, I concede and therefore I will not sign the 2024 Finance Bill and it shall subsequently be withdrawn” he said.

“Members of the public insist on the need for us to make more concessions. The people have spoken”

The president added that he will be proposing an engagement with young people.

”Our sons and daughters. I am recommending a bipartisan multistakeholder engagement for us as a nation to speak to the future of our country,” President Ruto said.

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