New LG XBOOM Bluetooth speakers offer up to 24hours of battery life

LG XBOOM Speakers Battery Life: One of the things that has made Bluetooth speakers very popular is the fact that they can be taken with you anywhere, whether to work, school, the park for a picnic or wherever else you might be. 

Over the years, manufacturers have continued to invest massively in Bluetooth technology to provide stable, high-quality sound from up close and at a distance. 

I own quite a number of these speakers and my key factor before buying them has always been battery life apart from good sound quality of course.

I appreciate portable Bluetooth speakers with long-battery speakers so that the fun doesn’t have to be paused during a trip with my boys outdoor picnics with the family. 

I mean, if the speaker is going to follow you around, it only makes sense that it can spend as much time as possible away from a power source. 

Nobody really wants a speaker that has to be charged every 5 hours. The good thing is over the years, manufacturers have grown to make battery life a very key factor in their new speakers.

LG for example recently launched its latest LG XBOOM speaker series in Kenya. The speakers are successors to the LG Bluetooth speaker line launched in Kenya in 2021 and comprises the XL7S, XL5, XG9, XG7, X03 and XG5 and come with some pretty interesting cool features.

The XL7S which is the big brother in this series offers up to 20 hours of battery life. Being a party speaker means you can enjoy your music anytime, anywhere and keep your party alive for longer especially if you take it outdoors. 

The LG XBOOM XL5 offers up to 12 hours of battery life while the XG9 gives you up to 24 hours. The XG7, and X03 up to 24 hours while  XG5 on the other hand offer up to 18 hours

If you prioritize a long-lasting portable speaker over most other criteria the XBOOM XL7S is worth considering.

These LG XBOOM speakers also prioritize portability, and feature built-in handles and wheels that make it easy to transport them.

The LG XBOOM Series are available for purchase at LG Brandshops under Opalnet, as well as supermarkets and online stores across the country. 

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