[Daphne Kabeberi] Championing Sustainability: How Glovo is Leading the Charge in Environmental Protection

In recent years, the global conversation around sustainability has intensified, with businesses recognizing their critical role in mitigating climate change and reducing environmental footprints. At Glovo Africa, we are not only part of this conversation but are actively driving tangible change through a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices, fostered by innovative initiatives and collaborations.

Transforming Urban Mobility with Electric Vehicles

One of the most significant steps we’ve taken is our recent partnership with Swap Station Mobility Limited (SSML) and Siltech World to deploy electric motorbikes, smart swappable batteries, and a network of quick interchange stations across Lagos State. This initiative marks a pivotal shift towards clean mobility, offering riders on the Glovo platform the “e-Okada” – a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to internal combustion engine (ICE) bikes.

The e-Okada, provided on a lease-to-own model, offers riders flexible options, such as “pay as you ride” or “weekly subscription” plans. These plans include access to SSML’s battery swap and charging facilities, technical support, and cover for insurance, licensing, and routine maintenance services. This comprehensive support system ensures that riders can seamlessly transition to electric vehicles without compromising on efficiency or reliability.

Our collaboration with Swap Station is more than just a move towards electric mobility; it’s a holistic approach to building sustainable infrastructure. Over the next twelve months, Swap Station intends to establish a network of solar-powered automated quick interchange battery stations along major demand routes and logistics bases in Lagos and surrounding areas. This initiative not only supports riders but also aligns with our broader environmental goals by leveraging renewable energy sources.

Catalyzing Change Through Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships with like minded entities are crucial to our sustainability mission. Blackaion Capital and FundCo Capital Managers, co-sponsors of Swap Station Mobility, have highlighted the economic and environmental benefits of our joint efforts. The cost efficiency of battery swapping makes it a viable and attractive option for riders, considering the increased cost of fuel in Nigeria.

This partnership is designed to exceed the performance of petrol alternatives while significantly improving CO2 emissions and local air quality.

A Broader Vision for Africa

At Glovo Africa, our commitment to sustainable mobility extends beyond Nigeria. In Kenya and Uganda, we have successfully onboarded new logistics providers with electric vehicles (EVs). Currently, our fleet includes 28 e-bikes in Uganda and a growing number of e-bikes in Kenya, operated by partners such as Ebee, Mkopa, and E-waka. In Kenya,  15% of our food orders are delivered by electric vehicles. This reiterates our broader vision of transforming urban mobility across Africa, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and promoting cleaner, greener alternatives.

Combating Food Waste and Hunger to Drive Environmental Sustainability

In another groundbreaking initiative, Glovo has partnered with Mastercard to address hunger and foster education in underserved communities in Kenya and Nigeria. Through this collaboration, we are providing over 300,000 meals for school children, ensuring they have access to nutritious food essential for their growth and learning. By working with local charities such as Food4Education in Kenya and the Lagos Food Bank initiative in Nigeria, we aim to reduce food waste and promote food security. For every transaction on the Glovo app, Mastercard makes a donation to these charities, funding a meal for a child in need. This innovative approach not only combats hunger but also highlights the importance of reducing food waste in our supply chains.

Through our partnerships with Haba na Haba Food Bank in UG and Food Banking Kenya, we aim to rescue food waste and deliver over 1 million social meals in 2024.

A Commitment to the Future

At Glovo, we envision a future where sustainability is at the core of our operations. By 2030, our goal is to have 64% of our orders delivered by non-combustion vehicles. This ambitious target, validated with SBT initiative, reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and our belief in the power of innovation to drive positive change. As we continue to expand our sustainable initiatives, we remain committed to working with partners who share our vision. Our collaboration with Swap Station, Siltech World, and other stakeholders exemplifies the collective effort required to achieve meaningful impact. Together, we are championing action for the protection of the environment and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Glovo Africa is at the forefront of championing sustainability through innovative partnerships and a relentless commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. Our efforts in deploying electric vehicles, building sustainable infrastructure, and fostering strategic alliances demonstrate our unwavering dedication to protecting the planet. As we continue to lead by example, we invite others to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future for all.

This article was written by Daphne Kabeberi, Lead Impact & Sustainability, Glovo.

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