Cybersecurity Course for Beginners: How and where to start

According to the recent Kaspersky study, more than 40% of companies worldwide are facing a shortfall of qualified cybersecurity professionals. Most understaffing can be found among Malware analysts and Information security researchers.

This problem is even more sensitive for the META region, with 43% of companies recorded as understaffed. 

The World Economic Forum and ISC2 also say the world urgently needs 4 million cybersecurity experts.

The Kaspersky study notes that Security Operations Center (SOC), Security Assessment, and Network Security professionals are slightly less understaffed at 35% and 33% respectively. The shortage of SOC experts was particularly noticeable in APAC, while the shortage of Security assessment and Network Security analysts is mainly a concern in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META)

Looking at cybersecurity needs across industries, the government sector reported the highest demand for cybersecurity practitioners and admitted that nearly half (46%) of the Infosec roles it required still need to be fulfilled. The telecom and media sectors are understaffed by 39% followed by retail & wholesale and healthcare with 37% of its roles remaining vacant.

To reduce the shortage of qualified InfoSec professionals, companies Vladimir Dashchenko, Security evangelist, ICS CERT, at Kaspersky says there is a need to invest in up-to-date training with the latest knowledge. 

For anyone interested in getting cybersecurity training there are so many places to start. For example, you could decide to attend university or take an online course. 

Institutions like Moringa School are offering part-time online classes on cybersecurity that will take you from zero to an experienced junior cyber specialist with industry-relevant and practical skills.

The 12-week course will see learners explore topics in cybersecurity like cyber threats, and cyber intelligence while also gaining practical insight into governance, risk, and compliance.

The Cybersecurity prep course is open to recent high school graduates, university graduates, or students looking to start their careers in cybersecurity. It will position students very well for careers as Security Consultants, Information security analysts, Network Security Engineers, and Computer Forensics Investigators which Kaspersky notes in its study are in high demand. 

Well, As the frequency and complexity of attacks increase, and the demand for InfoSec professionals in business grows, the number of practitioners meeting the company’s requirements for skills and level of expertise is declining. There’s a need for more people to fill this gap. 

You can apply for the Moringa School Cybersecurity Prep course here. Classes start on May 27th. 

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