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Africa’s tech scene is experiencing a vibrant boom, and Kenya stands at the forefront, earning the moniker “Silicon Savanna.” Today, Kenya ranks 3rd in sub-Saharan Africa for innovation and 85th globally, surpassing regional peers in technological advancements.

This transformation reflects a surge in start-ups, innovation rankings, and mobile-driven solutions that have interconnected the nation not just technologically, but also financially and commercially. Mobile money giants like M-Pesa have revolutionized financial inclusion, allowing Kenyans to bypass traditional banking limitations for transactions, payments, and even online gaming, contributing significantly to the economic landscape.

According to Mathematician turned Software and Data Engineer, Musyoka Morris, the innovative approaches and integration of tech and business operations in Africa are redefining traditional supply chains and business models. 

The astute businessman and tech guru further emphasizes the responsible integration of AI, ensuring privacy, transparency, and bias mitigation. This responsible approach underscores the future-oriented mindset driving Kenya’s tech ambitions.

He exemplifies his tech prowess through the sports and gaming software he has developed that not only promote safe gaming and data security, it also provides insights on client analysis and behaviour. This has enabled businesses to identify market gaps, predict customer behaviour and sustain loyalty hence increased revenue. His coding contributions echo across repositories, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

With business footprints in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and soon Tanzania, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ghana, the once little boy born in a remote village in Embu County, Kenya believed that there are no limits to dreams actualization. Rather than focus only on the Kenyan market, he expounded his vision to Africa and has invested in vast sectors such as; tech (majoring in Software Development) hospitality, real estate, sports and gaming and agribusiness.

It is human nature to appraise entrepreneurs with the number of lives positively impacted. Giving and service to others is so ingrained in his ecosystem that Morris Musyoka not only plays with numbers and codes, he also has a soft spot for education, the creative industry, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), uplifting lives and restoring dignity. He widely identifies himself as ‘just a man doing his best everyday’ partaking in programs such as. 

  • School Feeding Programs

Two special needs schools in Mbeere, Embu and three schools in Embu, Kitui and Kajiado in Kenya have the privilege of benefiting from a school feeding program. The teachers, learners and support staff get meals that ensure daily concentration and sustenance.

  • Water and Sanitation Programs (WASH)

Morris through the companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility programs runs health and sanitation education and support activities that combat the spread of water borne diseases in low-income areas. This is executed through a partnership with the Ministry of Health in three counties of Nairobi, Kiambu and Eldoret.

Distribution of dry food to ensure quality food consumption to eradicate hunger and diseases at Mathare and Mukuru kwa Reuben which are low-income zones in Kenya.

  • Creative industry

Through Empire Dance Kenya, groups are supported with quality studio music shoots and releases and marketing and promotion of musicians and their work. There is also Nairobi Street Life dance competition that takes place in November at Macmillan Library in Nairobi, Kenya for youth empowerment, talent identification and combating drug abuse.

  • Road Safety Campaigns

In partnership with National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), there is road safety education and equipment of Boda Boda riders with helmets, reflector jackets and training on financial education across Nairobi County in Kenya. The mobilization is spearheaded and managed by the local administration through the Chiefs and their assistants.

Plans to expand tech hubs and goodwill programs to the whole of Africa are underway in partnership with the respective governments, the desire is to impact and transform as many lives as possible.

Morris’s GitHub repositories reveal the intricate dance between mathematics and software engineering. His journey isn’t just about codes and algorithms; it’s about inspiring the next generation that will positively impact the world.

As investments and investors stream in, Kenya is predicted to be the epicentre of Africa’s technological take-off. With its talent pool, and innovative spirit Kenya’s startups are poised to reach new heights, not just within the African continent, but also on the global stage.

“The Future of AI in Africa,” in Business Today, outlines that Kenya is well positioned to leverage its diverse population, entrepreneurial spirit, and unique challenges to develop AI solutions that will revolutionise tech and business operations.

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