Xion Global and Callpay partner to boost web3 payment adoption in South Africa

Xion Global, a Web3 payments provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Callpay, a major player in South Africa’s payments industry.

This alliance aims to boost Web3 payments adoption in South Africa, blending Xion’s innovative technology with Callpay’s strong market presence. 

This partnership broadens payment options for customers, providing the convenience of Xion’s one-click crypto checkout that combines ease of use with cost savings, enabling quick, secure transactions. 

According to a statement from the two companies, merchants also stand to benefit from reduced transaction fees and the elimination of chargebacks, enhancing efficiency and giving them a competitive edge. This positions them to attract new customers and create customized payment options, all while reducing fraud risk and enjoying quicker settlement of payments.

“We are thrilled to partner with Callpay to bring our cutting-edge Web3 payment solutions to the South African market,” said Ronan Quarmby, CEO of Xion Global. “This partnership will allow us to leverage our technology to support Callpay in expanding their reach in Web3 payment abilities and delivering further innovative payment solutions to their client base.

The partnership between Xion Global and Callpay is set to transform South Africa’s payments landscape by integrating Xions Web3 technology with Callpays established market presence. Xion Global brings an easy-to-use crypto payment method, allowing consumers to select crypto as their payment method, link their MetaMask wallet, and complete transactions with just a click. This user-friendly approach will offer both convenience and lower fees to consumers. 

Additionally, Xion Global will be utilizing Callpay APIs to enhance its service offerings, providing clients with additional payment features. This integration is part of a phased rollout plan, starting with gasless USDT transactions and later expanding to multi-chain payments and cashback rewards. The partnership aims to broaden Callpays reach into new African markets, leveraging Xions infrastructure to diversify the African payments ecosystem and co-develop tailored payment solutions for the South African market. 

This collaboration highlights the growing importance of innovative fintech solutions, aiming to make payments more inclusive, efficient, and secure. With over 6 million people in South Africa currently owning cryptocurrency, this partnership is timely and aligns with the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency payments in the region. 

Both Callpay and Xion Global are committed to providing secure and reliable payment solutions, with Callpay being a trusted partner for many South African businesses and Xion Global dedicated to superior Web3 payment solutions globally. 

“This partnership is a significant step forward for Callpay as we continue to expand our market leadership,” said Arthur Peace, CEO of Callpay. “Xions technology will be invaluable in helping us reach new customers and deliver the best possible Web3 payment experiences to them.

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