Choose, Relax and Drive away with your dream car with Ngao Credit’s Motisha campaign

Owning a car has always been everyone’s dream and was probably one of your 2019 resolutions when the year started. The year is not almost coming to an end, we actually have just one month before we enter 2020. Did you manage to get your dream car? If your answer is NO, then you have no need to worry, you can still be able to own that car and drive away by early next year. 

You can do this through Ngao Credit’s Motisha campaign launched a few weeks ago. Motisha is the easiest and most convenient way to import your new car. Ngao Credit says it understand the struggles that come with importing a car. With Motisha, all you will need to do is Choose the car you want, relax as the company handle the importation process and drive when we deliver your new car to you. 

How to Qualify for Ngao Credit Motisha

The tagline for this campaign is Choose, Relax and Drive meaning Ngao Credit will take care of everything and deliver the car to your doorstep. 

Once you select your preferred car model through your preferred site or dealer, you will need to pay 50% of the market value of the car. Once this is done, Ngao will take care of the rest which includes documentation, processing and of course the importation. The car will then be delivered to you.

Our repayment periods are also very flexible. The repayment period is up to 2 years with interest as low as 3.5%.

Why should you let us take care of this for you?

If you have ever imported something – be it a car or even a vehicle you probably experienced some of the common challenges any trader would face especially at the port. For example, as we have mentioned before some suppliers will ask for payment upfront before they ship your car to Kenya putting a strain in cash flow for you or your business. 

This trade is not easy and as you navigate through the process, these challenges, especially around financing and getting your vehicle cleared are bound to happen. Our Motisha campaign takes care of all this without putting so much burden to you. 

Buying a car is a big deal and, for many, is the first major purchase that they make in their lives. Owning a car gives you a sense of convenience in your life, basing it on the fact that you can wake up any day, any time and travel to whatever place you want. With a car no one can limit your movement.

”The Ngao Credit Motisha campaign has all this in mind and that’s why we want you to enter the new year in style” the company says.

Click here to Motisha Now. You can also call Ngao Credit on 0709 650 000 or visit their website for more details. 

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