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With the festivities here with us (well, we know, just like you, we’re not sure how it happened so fast either), we should expect to see lots of spending from families and individuals. A recent report by WorldRemit indicates that Kenyans are expected to spend 1.08 times their average monthly income during this period. 

This will be a 24% increase compared to last year, highlighting the high cost associated with Christmas festivities. This increase has been attributed to the high cost of living that has seen commodity prices go up but again, we have seen some retailers giving out some deals that consumers are rushing to take advantage of. 

If you’re still ticking off your shopping list though, like us, there are tons of Christmas deals worth checking out right now, especially if you are an Equity Bank customer. 

Whether you’re looking at buying some beauty products, travelling, or even ordering your favourite meal, paying with Equity will give some crazy discounts by simply using your card or digital channels to pay for them. 

First Equity offers payment solutions you can use during these festivities. For example, with Equity’s Boostika (top-up solution), you can conveniently and seamlessly complete transactions such as making a payment for that Christmas tree at House of Leather, or even sending money when you are running low on cash. You can do this using *247#, Equitel or Equity Mobile App. When making a transaction, you’ll receive a top-up prompt that displays your limit and the amount needed to complete the transaction. Simply accept the top-up prompt and the associated terms and conditions to authorize the payment and an SMS notification will be sent to confirm completion of the transaction.

With Equity’s Boostika, you can top up any amount between Kes. 100 to Kes. 100,000 based on your limit, when you have insufficient funds. What’s more, the repayment terms are incredibly flexible, allowing you to repay within 30 days from the day you initiate it. Also, during the 30 days, you can still accumulate money in your account without any automatic deductions since the amount borrowed is only repaid at the end of this 30-day allowable period.

When making purchases this Christmas, Equity has made it easy for you as a customer to make payments; you can now pay into over 900,000 One Equity Till Number (Pay With Equity) merchants spread across the country for FREE using your Equitel Line, *247# and Equity Mobile App.

This festive season as you go to the Supermarket/ Fuel Station/ Hardware/ Salon/ Restaurant/ Hotel/ Agrovet/ Cyber Cafe/ Duka / Butchery/ Clothes store/ Online store / Boda boda/ Matatus pay into the One Equity Till Number for FREE using your Equitel Line, *247# and Equity Mobile App.

If you frequently pay for your purchases using cards like me, then you also don’t have an excuse during these holidays. Using your Equity Visa or Mastercard, for example, allows you to make an easy purchase at outlets such as supermarkets, restaurants and petrol stations.  Did you know, that if you use your Equity Visa card to make accommodations on you will get up to 8% off?  Did you also know, you can enjoy up to 20% discount when you shop at Carrefour and pay with your Equity Mastercard?  You can check more deals here. 

For those who love convenience, you also have the option of using the Equity Bank’s digital channels.  The bank provides a safe and secure avenue for you to do transactions straight from your mobile phone, laptop or desktop via the Equity Mobile App or Equity Online.  This allows for increased freedom, control, flexibility and convenience for you as the services can be accessed both within and outside working hours at the comfort of your homes or offices. This is important especially since most people will be away with their families throughout this festive season. 

Well, all these options offer convenience and also contribute towards our being a cashless economy. Happy holidays.

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