LG’s webOS Hub 2.0S expands to smart monitors

LG Electronics is expanding its webOS Hub 2.0S  for third-party brands beyond TVs to now include smart monitors.

What this means is that users in Kenya and other countries will now enjoy more options for third-party brands to deliver a customizable user experience with their LG monitors. 

‘’The Kenyan market, much like global trends, has witnessed a surge in the demand for smart monitors due to the increasing prevalence of single-person households,’’ LG says in a statement.

‘’Recognizing this shift, LG’s webOS Hub 2.0S becomes an ideal choice for smaller screens, offering both convenience and a diverse range of content to meet the preferences of individual users.’’ the statement further reads.

The new webOS Hub 2.0S presents greater hardware adaptability, broadening its availability beyond smart TVs, and is able to provide more options for third-party brands to offer a customizable user experience.

A new addition on the main home UI screen of webOS Hub 2.0S is the Card App Home Hub & Music, granting access to an abundance of services with one remote click. Featuring a smart home ecosystem dashboard, users can customize control capabilities with supportive device status monitoring for TVs and IoT-based devices.

Remote PC facilitates seamless access to content for hybrid work, ensuring a smooth transition between home and office PCs or laptops. Video Calling and Conferencing supports USB cameras, fostering convenient communication and enhancing the home fitness experience while Streaming Access Allows students and working professionals to access streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

Additionally, webOS Hub 2.0S is Apple Home and AirPlay compatible enabling users to control smart home accessories securely and stream content from Apple devices effortlessly.

LG says its commitment to versatility is reflected in its efforts to integrate the webOS Hub into various third-party products, with over 300 brands participating in this endeavour. 

As the company expands the webOS Hub platform to include a broader range of smart TVs and smart monitors, it says it solidifies its presence in the Kenyan market, emphasizing a dedication to providing a seamless webOS Hub experience across multiple devices. 

‘’This move aligns with Kenya’s tech-savvy consumer base, positioning LG as a leader in delivering innovative solutions tailored to the dynamic preferences of its consumers,’’ it says.

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