Spotify expands its AI DJ feature to users in Kenya

Kenya is among the 50 markets that are set to receive Spotify’s new AI DJ feature. The audio streaming platform first rolled out the feature in beta in February before finally rolling it to users across different markets.

The AI-powered DJ mimics a radio DJ and curates and comments about tracks and artists on your playlist.

Spotify says the feature will now be available in Beta to premium users in Kenya starting today.  

‘’Starting today, we’re excited to begin rolling out DJ, in Beta, to Premium users in Kenya – taking personalization to the next level and connecting artists and fans in a deeper, more meaningful way.’’ a statement from the company reads. 

Spotify AI DJ feature is a personalized AI guide that knows you and your music taste so well that it can choose what to play for you. According to Spotify, this feature, first rolling out in beta, will deliver a curated lineup of music alongside commentary around the tracks and artists we think you’ll like in a stunningly realistic voice. 

‘’Never before has listening felt so completely personal to each and every user, thanks to the powerful combination of Spotify’s personalization technology, generative AI and a dynamic, expressive voice. ‘’’ Spotify says.

At launch, listeners will have the option to hear English language commentary from Spotify’s voice model Xavier “X” Jernigan. Xavier is the company’s Head of Cultural Partnerships and acts as Spotify’s first voice model for the DJ. 

You can find your personal AI DJ by opening the Spotify mobile app on your iOS or Android device. From there, head to your Music Feed on Home and tap play on DJ.

The DJ artificial voice is powered by voice tech developed by Sonantic AI, a startup Spotify purchased last year.  The company says that the actual words uttered by the DJ are created from a mix of sources. The streamer explains that it has a group of “experts in genres who know music and culture inside and out. And no one knows the music scene better than they do.”

Spotify is riding on the global wave of AI tools that are making a buzz across several industries. 

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