Anzisha Prize launches digital resource library for African entrepreneurs

The Anzisha Prize on Monday officially announced a new online digital resource library aimed at powering entrepreneurship education across Africa. 

The library,,  is a free-to-use one-stop shop for all entrepreneurship curriculum development tools and publications. 

Powered by lessons gleaned over the past decade of the Anzisha Prize’s existence and its implementation of programmes to bolster entrepreneurship success among very young entrepreneurs, the library is a rich source of content curated for parents, investors and educators. 

“The long-term vision for is to provide a collection of objectively excellent resources that anyone can use to enrich their own entrepreneurship journeys or educational programmes,” said Josh Adler, Chief Programs Officer at African Leadership Academy.

Users can access e-books, research, articles, video, audio, magazines and newsletters featuring insights and best practices that are uploaded onto the platform on a regular basis. 

“Resources such as case studies and films, for example, can help teachers to enrich lesson plans or project assignments. Similarly, young entrepreneurs can use the resources for professional development while youth entrepreneurship programme managers can use the assets to convince donors why their programmes deserve support with evidence and data,” added Adler.

Furthermore, the resource hub provides young entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain access to valuable insights from communities of experts whose content aims to inspire and support those among them with leadership potential to pursue and succeed in entrepreneurship.

The establishment of the library is informed by the Anzisha Prize Theory of Change which is centered on the objective of encouraging young people to take up entrepreneurship as a career in order to take the African continent into a desirable future. 

“Beyond this objective of course, the Anzisha Prize wants to change the way African parents, teachers and communities at large, think about entrepreneurship. We want to show young people that entrepreneurship is a viable career path for them while also creating a conducive environment for successful entrepreneurship,”  Adler said. 

In just over a decade since its establishment, the Anzisha Prize has collaborated with parents, educators, investors and policymakers to increase the chances of entrepreneurial success for young people. To this end, the organisation develops, tests and shares best practices on youth entrepreneurship while also building on learnings and actionable insights that show that it’s possible to address high unemployment through entrepreneurship. 

These lessons have now found a home on the Anzisha Prize Digital Library where they are accessible to all. One just needs to register once on and, from thereon, access and download the resources and tools whenever they need.

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