One customer ordered 239 burgers on Glovo in 2022

Glovo just released insights into what burger consumption in Kenya has been like in 2022 to commemorate International Burger Day on 28th May 2023.

In 2022, the company says it delivered more than 70 million burgers globally, an extraordinary figure with a huge impact in Kenya where 20 burgers per hour or one burger every three minutes have been delivered in the past year. 

In Kenya, one user has ordered 239 burgers over the year, that’s like ordering 5 burgers every weekend. 

The most ordered burger products from Glovo partner chains in 2022 were the Beef Burger, Chicken Burger and Cheeseburger. From local SMEs, the most ordered burgers were the Chicken burger, cheeseburger and Beef Burger.

May was the month with the highest consumption of burgers in 2022, with the 29th of this month being the day with the highest number of burgers delivered in the country. And speaking of records, August 2nd at 20:33 was considered the golden minute in which 26 burgers were being delivered through the app at the same time. 

“In analyzing the hourly distribution of burger consumption, we found that burgers are not only a popular dinner option but also a sought-after choice for lunch. The peak hours for burger orders were observed at 19:00h and 13:00h. Additionally, the time slot between 18:00h  and 21:00h accounted for a significant 40% of the daily burger consumption, emphasizing the demand for burgers during these hours.” Caroline Mutuku General Manager of Glovo Kenya stated.

She added, “Over the past three years, the average consumption growth rate stands at an astonishing 173%, highlighting the exponential rise in the popularity of burgers in Kenya.”

Glovo has played a pivotal role in satisfying the burger cravings of Kenyans across different cities and towns. Nairobi led the way with 82% of the total burger consumption in 2022, followed by Mombasa and Ngong – Rongai – Karen.  In addition, the cities that have experienced the highest growth in consumption in 2022 are Eldoret, with an 83% increase, followed by Ngong – Rongai – Karen, Kisumu, and Mombasa, all with a growth rate of 43%, reflecting the growing popularity of burgers in these areas.

Among the most popular options for a burger in Kenya,  KFC, Burger King, and Java House emerged as the top three contributors, delivering a significant number of burgers in 2022. Equally, small businesses have played an important role and today there are more than 500 local restaurants in the app to enjoy a burger, such as Steers, Jakoni, and The Grill Shack. In fact, in 2022, the medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) available at Glovo have increased by 104%, demonstrating Glovo’s commitment to promoting and empowering the local economy to ensure sustainable growth of SMEs in the Kenyan food industry, fostering entrepreneurship and economic development. 

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