South Africa leads the world as the most internet-addicted country

South Africans spent at least 9.5 hours (578 minutes) a day online in 2022

A study by Atlas VPN, a Delaware-based virtual private network company has highlighted that South Africa leads in most hours spent on the internet globally.

The study says that South Africans spent at least 9.5 hours (578 minutes) a day online in 2022, about three hours more than the global average of 397 minutes (6 hours and 37 minutes) per day.

Brazil, the Philippines, Argentina, and Colombia close the list of the first five most internet-addicted countries in the world. The United States is ranked 20th, with people dedicating 419 minutes (6 hours and 59 minutes) daily to internet browsing.

Countries in East Asia have the lowest average daily internet usage, with Chinese people spending 325 minutes (5 hours and 25 minutes) online, followed by South Korea at 321 minutes (5 hours and 21 minutes), and Japan with only 225 minutes (3 hours and 45 minutes) — the least out of all the countries in the study. The only exception is Taiwan, with an average daily internet usage time of 434 minutes (7 hours and 14 minutes).

The survey also looked at the various activities for which people spend time on the internet. It says that finding information is the primary reason, with respondents 57.8%. Staying with friends and family, keeping up to date with news and events as well as watching videos, tv shows or movies are among top ways why people spend time on the internet.

Globally, the average time spent online has been decreasing as the world moves past the covid phase. In 2022, it was less by 20 minutes, or 4.8%, from 2021, the report says.

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