TECNO 2023 phones to feature great AI and photography capabilities 

The demand for premium smartphones has increased consistently over the last couple of years, courtesy of technological breakthroughs in various components. At the same time, consumers are willing to pay more for smart devices, a growing trend in emerging markets.

According to Tarun Pathak, Research Director for smartphones at renowned technology research firm Counterpoint, advanced technologies adopted by manufacturers today are among key drivers of increased interest in premium brands.

“The usual forward momentum of technology is driving things upwards, which is why we get better cameras, longer battery life, more storage, faster phones and the like”, said Tarun Pathak, “Consumers in emerging markets like Southeast Asia and Latin America are helping ASPs rise more quickly than the global average, with large segments of savvy users upgrading to their second or third device.”

Speaking at an online event organized by the research firm, Jimmy Hsu, Deputy Director of TECNO’s Image R&D Centre said the company is getting ready to introduce Eagle Eye Lens cameras on its premium bands as well as dual-prism periscope tele-camera and the dual optical image stabilizer.

“TECNO is moving regionally to ride this wave of growth, and central to this has been the expansion of our portfolio into more premium products and delivering to our customers some really great cameras.” Hsu said,  “The culmination of this is the Phantom X2 flagship, which addresses one of the holy grails of smartphone photography – great night-time shots.”

Another panellist at the webinar that was themed, “The Push Towards Premium: Changing Smartphone Preferences and the Technology Behind Them” was Russell Flannery, Editor-at-Large from Forbes Magazine who shared terrific insights on what the developments he has documented over the years.

Russell noted the impact that smartphones have had on our lives, influencing such aspects as modern videography, short video creation and consumption and enabling people to earn a living in ways never experienced before.

Counterpoint and TECNO are working towards a whitepaper documenting the rise of TECNO, to be released later in the month. The phone manufacturer has captured a considerable share of emerging markets with its brands gaining prominence in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

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