This platform aims to help African writers gain audience and build an online community

The appetite for high-quality writing is at an all-time high as the internet creates more opportunities where writers can get published. The internet-first model of research and gaining information has also fueled the demand for good content. It’s possibly the best time for writers to thrive and grow.

There are free platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn where creatives can gain exposure and experience. There are also publishing opportunities that pay writers. Different companies and collectives have different modalities of going about the online publishing business, but all of them have become supportive of the growth of writers.

Breach, a Nigerian platform that previously offered crypto education has now pivoted to a publication platform. The creator-led platform aims to help writers find their audience and build their community, ultimately empowering them to thrive in their path.

Breach is owned by Nestcoin, a crypto and blockchain company that has been focusing on enlightening the public through information about Web3 developments.

Among the benefits that creators on Breach will include:

  • Access to an in-house editor to shape their content to the best possible versions.
  • Access to Breach’s existing 100,000 community.
  • An easy-to-use no-code interface to dictate visual elements of their content.
  • Customer service support system.

“I’m excited to see how creators will use the new version of Breach. We spent the bulk of our time building creator tools that help people easily put out something new into the world,” explained Chinny. E, product manager at Breach.

On the platform, readers too can manage their subscriptions preview all of Breach’s content, and tailor their viewing experience according to their interests.

Breach started off as a crypto-learning platform only publishing relevant information for newbies to learning everything about crypto in 2021. Over time, the need to actively support creators became apparent and the executives decided to build a creator-focused platform.

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