Epson boosts EPA with advanced workflow capabilities

Epson has launched the newest version of its Epson Print Admin (EPA) software featuring advanced workflows such as the ability to create and search PDFs in 29 languages using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This gives partners the opportunity to add increased value to multi-function business inkjet printers and increase customer satisfaction.

EPA is a server-based solution that creates a secure printing, scanning and copying environment through user authentication with card readers, logins, passwords and PIN codes.

It also offers features such as ‘scan and send to me’, employee-education notifications about responsible printing and enhanced administrative tools that provide welcome boosts to productivity, environmental goals and efficiency.

Commenting on the launch, Mukesh Bector – Regional Head East and West Africa at Epson says, “Digitalisation of work processes is increasing across all sectors. Scanning is often the first step, but manually processing a scanned document can add hours to employees’ workload and increases the chances of mistakes. With new EPA advanced workflow capabilities, IT managers can automate tasks, reducing the burden on staff, while boosting productivity and cutting errors.

“It adds huge value to our range of multi-function inkjet printers, which are known as fast and efficient, and support sustainability goals as inkjets use up to 90% less energy than lasers. The combination of our heat-free inkjet printing technology with these powerful advanced workflow capabilities will help customers match unrivalled sustainability gains with increased productivity. This offers Epson partners a competitive sales advantage.”

In addition to being able to create and search PDFs, the new advanced workflow functions offer job separation of saved documents using barcodes, the ability to recognise and skip blank pages when scanning, and automatic folder and document naming using zonal OCR. This type of OCR allows the recognition of essential data in a document to automatically give it a useful and recognisable file name.

Workflows can be started at the press of a button. For example, finance teams processing invoices might previously have scanned a document before naming and saving it manually. Now they can scan and allow EPA to do the rest. Considering businesses might receive 1,000s of invoices a month, this will significantly boost productivity, reduce mistakes and allow users to focus on higher value tasks.

This is vital in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure business world where technology needs to deliver results, boost sustainability and perform perfectly whenever needed. The new EPA advanced workflows allow Epson’s multi-function business inkjet printers to meet these goals like never before.

Existing customers can upgrade EPA for free, to take advantage of the optional advanced workflows during the 90-day free trial for up to two devices.  Optional advanced workflow paid licenses per connected device are available for end users wishing to continue once the trial ends.

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