Northern African Countries Have the Cheapest Data in the Continent, Report

Kenya is ranked the 12th in data affordability in Africa, and 61st globally.

A report analyzing mobile data costs across 233 countries has revealed that Israel has the cheapest data costs in the world at $0.04, followed by Italy ($0.12), San Marino ($ 0.14), Fiji ($ 0.15), and India ($ 0.17).

The report published by UK-based internet affordability analysis firm Cable, further notes that countries in Northern Africa offer the cheapest data in the continent.

The Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2022 looked at the cost of one gigabyte (1GB) of mobile internet, comparing over 5,000 mobile plans across 233 territories. The area of the survey was segmented into 13 regions but covered virtually all countries in the world where information on data plans is available.

In Africa, Algeria offers the cheapest data packages at an average of $0.48 per 1GB. Other nations with the cheapest data are Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Western Sahara, Libya, and Mauritania respectively.

The global average price for 1GB of data, is $3.12, the survey says.

Kenya is listed among countries whose cost of data has improved, compared to last year’s index.

The average cost of 1GB of mobile data in Kenya last year was $2.25, but has reduced by 63% to $$0.84 this year, the survey shows. Kenya is ranked the 12th in data affordability in Africa, and 61st globally.

Sub-Saharan Africa is the second most expensive region to purchase data bundles at an average of $4.47. per 1GB. North America has the most expensive data packages at an average of $4.98 per 1GB, despite its advanced technology standing in the world.

The survey also notes that countries with the oldest 4G infrastructure or those that are advanced with the new 5G infrastructure enjoy cheaper internet.

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