YouTube rolls out new ways for creators to make money from Shorts

Big Tech media companies today are using every tool at their disposal to ensure that there is mutual benefits for everyone on the food chain.

For YouTube, it has made a commendable effort to ensure those creators who are core players in its ecosystem benefit substantially from their efforts.

YouTube mainly rewards creators through its YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Over the years, this program has evolved exponentially, and there are now at least 10 ways through which creators can monetize.

The newest method of monetization is courtesy of YouTube Shorts, the 15-seconds feature that is also relatively new. YouTube announced last week that Shorts creators will have an opportunity to monetize their work.

“Starting in early 2023, Shorts-focused creators can apply to YPP by meeting a threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 10M Shorts views over 90 days.” The company announced in a blog post.

“These new partners will enjoy all the benefits our program offers, including the various ways to make money like ads on long-form and fan funding .” YouTube expounds

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