Google Pixel 7 Preview

The Google Pixel mobile phone range has proved to be extremely popular. The most recent editions of the phone have been praised in the Android community, with Google Pixel 6 the most recent model to win over consumers and critics alike. Google is set to continue with the Google Pixel range, and we look ahead to what should be an exciting addition in our Google Pixel 7 preview.

Release Date and Models

At the time of writing, we know there will be at least two different models available to order. The Google Pixel 7 will be the standard device whereas those who want a little more from their smartphone could opt for the Google Pixel 7 Pro. If we look back on previous release dates for Google Pixel phones, October has been the month of choice. The Google Pixel 4 was released on the 15th of October 2019, the Google Pixel 5 on the 30th of September 2020, and the Google Pixel 6 on the 19th of October 2021. So, we expect to see Google Pixel 7 available to order online sometime in October 2022 and there will be an initial release of two devices.


In terms of display, we can expect the refresh rates to be 90Hz on the Google Pixel 7 and 120Hz on the Pixel 7 Pro. This makes either phone an excellent choice for gaming or watching movies. Whether you can want to play the latest sports or racing games, watch the latest blockbuster or try your luck at the online sportsbooks, such as Helabet, the Google Pixel 7 can do it all. The OLED panels used on previous models of Pixels are likely to remain although the screen size of the standard model could be a touch smaller than the Google Pixel 6.

Pixel 7 Design

Thanks to the presentation at Google, I/O, we know the design of the Google Pixel 7 will come close to matching that of the Google Pixel 6. That means the camera lenses will be set across a bar on the back of the phone, with the main camera and wide-angle camera clearly visible on the bar. On the Google Pixel Pro 7 handset, there will be an additional lens, and this is expected to be a telephoto lens. The Google Pixel 7 is going to be slightly more compact than the Pixel 6 although the weight and size of the Pro version is expected to be the same. In terms of colours, the Google Pixel 7 is probably going to be available in black, white, coral, and blue.


The Tensor chipset found in the Google Pixel 6 range is set for some enhancement in the Pixel 7. Google have confirmed they have been working on a second-generation Tensor chipset and this should result in an overall improvement in the performance of the Pixel 7. In terms of the cameras, which is often a major selling point of smartphones, the Google Pixel 7 is going to have the same array of cameras as the Pixel 6. That means a 50MP main camera and a 12MP ultrawide angle camera. The Google Pixel 7 Pro will have an additional 48MP telephoto lens.

A highly competitive market

Google’s entrance into the mobile phone market was somewhat of a mystery back in 2016, as the highly lucrative market had been dominated by both Apple and Microsoft over the past decade, with users of those devices becoming loyal fans of each brand respectively. Google sought to change the market, but delivering on a fast, sleek device which would also be solely unique, in that a large number of apps which were mainstays of the users, i.e. Google Search, Gmail and Google Maps were already installed on the device and optimised to sync to a Google account. This gave the tech company a huge advantage, as their handset came fully optimised for the user with the majority of apps they already used installed and no auxiliary apps which they did not.

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