Kenya’s AfyaRekod Launches Blockchain Platform To Track Patients History

Kenya-based health tech startup AfyaRekod has built a blockchain-based platform that makes it easy for medical professionals to retrieve the health data and medical history of their patients in real-time.

AfyaRekod was founded in 2019 by John Kamara to help leverage mobile patient data in delivering healthcare services. The startup empowers the patient by offering a platform that gives them digital access to their health information regardless of their location. This allows health institutions, partners and patients to gain quick insight without the need of perusing traditional files which must be primarily stored in physical stores.

The company’s platform allows patients to access their data through a web portal, mobile application as well as USSD. The system allows patients to store their health records, generate and manage their symptoms daily as well.

The AI-driven blockchain system that AfyaRekod has built is no doubt a game-changer in the health sector and has the potential to revolutionize the industry if widely adopted.

“The power of patients owning their health records and having real-time access to their information is lifesaving, and it is their right to have access to it,” Kamara said.

There are multiple functionalities on the platform that include a diagnostic centre that allows medical labs to digitally add test results without the need for paperwork.

Earlier this year, AfyaRekod raised $2M in seed funding in a round led by US-based venture capital Mac Venture Capital.

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