Huawei Mobile Kenya Targets Youthful Consumers with New Product lineup

Huawei Mobile Kenya plans to unveil a series of products including smartphones and PCs for the the Kenyan market, the company has said.

Among the new smartphones is the Huawei P50 pro, a flagship device and the Huawei Nova 9 SE a mid-range device under the PC category. There is also a Huawei D Mate series and the Matepad 10.4.

In a statement, Huawei said that it “has built an all-scenario ecosystem taking advantage of its expertise across telecommunications and smart device technologies. In this ecosystem, the smartphone acts as the hub, connecting the smart home, health wearables, tablets and PC to deliver an inclusive, intelligent experience.”

The company has had a competitive run in the East African market, enticing customers with relatively affordable products that give access to premium applications.

The new devices are designed to fit in the consumer’s dynamic modern lifestyle.

“Smartphones and tablets have become the de facto devices for light entertainment tasks. Laptops are reserved for heavier tasks, such as gaming, productivity and creative work.” Adding that the design of future products will get more personalized.

“In the near future, hardware performance and personalised, Ultra-slim designs will likely become the most prevalent trends dictating the development of laptops.”

The Huawei P50 Pro stands out with its Dual-Matrix camera design that its double ring structure that makes the phone instantly regonizable. The 6.6 inch 3D curved screen gives the phone an attractive design, making gaving and watching videos of HDR display more attractive.

All the products set for release are targeted on youthful consumers and are laced with features that are most exciting in their day-to-day operations.

“The HUAWEI nova 9 SE uses a 108MP High-Res Camera to help users better retain details and produce exciting, high-definition photos. The larger sensor and more sophisticated imaging technology integrated into HUAWEI nova 9 SE allow the smartphone to deliver extremely clear shots in High-Res mode, which creates images that are lossless even when they are zoomed in three times.” The company said.

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