Is Tech Key to Further Esports Revenue Growth?

The eSports industry has experienced dramatic growth recently compared to its initial days. When it started, many sports fans regarded it as a facade to the sports culture. Withal, it has grown to become a full-blown sector in its own right. It is no secret that technology has been a critical ingredient in its growth. For instance, the development of streaming technology and improved connectivity have been key drivers of the industry. The increased popularity of the eSports sector has also attracted the attention of online casino platforms. With the Betway app download, you can access eSports and sports betting opportunities. Besides online casinos, other corporate entities have also leveraged the industry’s potential in terms of marketing their products.

So, what technological innovations have helped take the eSports industry to where it is right now?

Improved Internet Connectivity

Studies on the industry’s growth have revealed that high-speed internet is an essential factor that has accelerated the industry’s growth. This development has improved gamers’ experience predominantly in competitive multiplayer games such as Halo and CSGO. Additionally, the 5G network will help improve the online gaming experience.  

Increased Smartphone Adoption

Smartphone penetration has been integral in the growth of mobile eSports. Smartphone manufacturers produce powerful gadgets that are available at an affordable price. As a result, more people can afford them.

This trend, coupled with the availability of low-cost data, has made mobile gaming very attractive. Consequently, top-rated gambling sites have developed mobile platforms for their members. On the other hand, manufacturers have started producing smartphones specifically optimized for mobile gaming.

Better Gaming Equipment

Hardware upgrades have also played a critical role in the growth of the eSports industry. Nowadays, you can get powerful processors, monitors, audio systems, and input devices. These devices enable gamers to run high-performance games in the comfort of their homes.

Although some games like the League of Legends do not require sophisticated hardware, better gaming hardware makes the gaming experience more immersive.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is still in its initial stages of implementation, but it has already revolutionized the gaming sector. With this technology, gamers don’t have to buy sophisticated gaming hardware. Several technology heavyweights such as Google Stadia are working on their cloud gaming systems.

This gaming mode allows you to enjoy your preferred games on low-end devices. They only need a reliable internet connection. While many gamers have remained loyal to their PC downloads and console games, more are expected to shift to cloud gaming in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is also an essential technology in the eSports industry. There have already been experimental matches between pro gamers and AI teams. On the other hand, some gamers and teams use the technology to enhance their gaming strategy. Furthermore, the technology has paved the way for data-driven judgments based on analysis of eSports competitions.

Bottom Line

Esports has taken some lessons from the commercialization of traditional sports. The industry has attracted several brands which partner with the industry in different capacities. Additionally, eSports betting on platforms such as Betway will keep growing as people appreciate it more. At the moment, experts project that the industry will keep improving over time. Moreover, technological innovations will play a vital role in the improvement. 

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