3 Amazing Facts about King Kaka

Although King Kaka may not be a name that you’re familiar with, he’s an extremely popular musician in Kenya.  Real name Kennedy Tarriq Ombima, the Kenyan musician goes by the stage names King Kaka and Rabbit. Although primarily known for his music skills he’s also a well-established songwriter, video director and executive producer. Since 2008 King Kaka has had a successful and varied music career, with a number of popular singles including Niko kwa jam Nakam’ and ‘Dodoma’ ft Harry Kimani – with Dodoma proving to be extremely popular outside of Kenya too! He had a number of albums, mixtape releases and collaborations because going on to launch his own clothing line in 2012. But, what else do you need to know about King Kaka?

He’s Had a Varied Career

As you might imagine, King Kaka is someone that has been into music and music production from a young age. Whilst attending Eastleigh High School he was involved in all sorts of music and entertainment opportunities. So much so that he became the Senior Entertainment Prefect for the high school and arranged a number of talent events and competitions, often pitting Eastleigh High School against other schools in the local area.

However, don’t assume that it is only music that King Kaka is interested in, because he has shown himself to be multi-talented on more than one occasion. For example, he has carved out a reasonably successful acting career throughout Kenya featuring on several popular programs including The Comedy Show, Higher Learning and Mali. 

He’s well-respected and a businessman and has a number of projects that he has worked on in the past. For example, his clothing line (Kaka Clothing), a talent management company (Kaka Empire) and a graphic design company (Taurus Media). He is definitely a businessman that isn’t afraid of diversifying his offering and making sure that he’s involved in a variety of projects at any one time.

He Worked on Important Issues

King Kaka might be well known for his music, but he hasn’t pigeonholed himself into that being his only offering to the entertainment industry. Instead, he has pursued a number of avenues that have been successful. He’d work on raising awareness of important issues and even was behind an initiative dubbed ‘The Dreams Campaign. This worked with various people to fight against child abuse and gender-based violence. They did plenty of good work including launching a number of footballs that children in the area were able to get involved with.

Keen to help the youths based in his hometown, he also launched “Tubonge”, which encouraged young people to get involved and air their views on local issues. The good work that this initiative did was recognised by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and as such, he was awarded the UNODC Youth Initiative East Africa Ambassador

He’s a Family Man

King Kaka often keeps his private life quiet, instead of concentrating on his career and what he can do for others. However, we do know that he is married to Carter Ninifelly and they have three children – Gweth Ombima, Iroma and Ayanna Ombima. He has spoken before about his family and his proudness of them, something which has been well received by his fans. 

There is no doubt that King Kaka has carved himself out a very successful and varied career – he’s a businessman and clearly someone that is willing to put in the hard work to make his dreams happen. For many fans of his music and style, they’ll be waiting to see what the future holds. 

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