How to Promote Your Business Locally Via Video Marketing

Nobody can deny the incredible potential of video marketing for the small business and how it can help you grow your consumer base with an easy-to-implement strategy:

After all, when a video is embedded in your website, it boosts organic search engine results by 157 percent, and 64 percent of users say video has affected their choice to buy a product or service.

If you’re a small business owner who hasn’t yet delved into the world of video content, now is the moment. By 2021, video content accounted for a good percentage of all internet traffic.

If you haven’t yet participated in the sphere of video marketing, you may be thinking, “What exactly is video marketing?” Is it necessary for me to hire a video editor? And, more importantly, where do I begin?

What is Video Marketing for Small Businesses?

The trend in the business world is video marketing. However, video marketing is much more than a craze. It has now established itself as the marketing world’s content strategy leader.

Because video is customizable, relatable, and memorable, it is the most effective approach to reach a wide range of people with short attention spans (which is an increasing problem with younger generations).

There’s no getting around it: video is the future of content. You’ll be better in the long run if you start to plan your video content strategy sooner rather than later.

Knowledge of what kind of content to generate, targeting local and occasionally national customers, and where to put this content – is just as vital as having corporate films for marketing objectives.

An explainer video that explains what your company does may be the perfect video strategy for you.

A tutorial video showing how to utilize your product, on the other hand, could be the ideal use of video marketing for you.

Alternatively, you may determine that your audience needs to learn more about the industry in which you function.

What’s most essential to remember is that there are several benefits to video marketing for small business owners, and you won’t know which types of films are ideal for your company unless you try.

How to Market Your Small Business Using Video

Videos are easy to make nowadays, with the added benefits of a good online Video editor. The next question is how to market it. 

Video allows you to tell a story from several perspectives and provides you with various methods to tell different sections of it.

You’ll be well on your way to boosting the reputation of your small business after you’ve made your goals clear in the minds of your customers.

You’ll be able to better interact with your potential clients by using various sorts of videos, and you’ll be able to give them a clear story – which will be easy for them to share with their friends, allowing you to expand your customer base!

Here are four strategies to increase your small or medium-sized business with video marketing:

Add video to your landing page

The beautiful thing about video is that it can be used to enhance any aspect of your overall marketing plan.

For example, including a video on your landing page can help keep visitors interested for longer and increase conversion rates.

In fact, including a video on your landing page may boost conversions by up to 80%. 

Demonstrate to customers how your product works

Corporate videos are one of the most popular video marketing types because they show how your product works rather than discussing it in writing.

Take the time to create an exciting video that tells a narrative and demonstrates how your product works, and you’ll be rewarded with increased views and conversions.

Post videos on social media for more engagement 

Social media is still one of the most significant channels, regardless of what other channels you use.

Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook  will continue to be the initial area of engagement for customers connecting with your brand when it comes to local video marketing.

More significantly, including video into your marketing approach yields positive results. Facebook has affected 64% of customers’ shopping decisions, and videos have a greater engagement rate than most other sorts of content.

Use video to create hype around your products

You won’t be releasing new products every day, and it might be challenging to maintain advertising the same items again and over. However, this does not mean that your marketing campaign must come to a standstill.

To cover gaps in your marketing efforts, you may utilize tools like Boosted to make short, entertaining “hype” movies to raise excitement about future events, product launches, or promotions.

This keeps you in people’s minds while also allowing your brand to remain relevant.

How does local video marketing helps small businesses 

Local SEO and marketing efforts can be significantly aided by video marketing. As any local business owner knows, getting to know the locals is essential for gaining and maintaining repeat business. Putting a face to a company before your consumers approach you is the right thing to do.

Video may help you get more visibility in the SERPs 

Assume your client’s video appears as a rich result on Google’s first page of results. They may not even click through to the whole source if the first video they see provides them with the information they want. In such an instance, having a video at the top of the SERPs might save your client from losing a potential buyer!

A video on your client’s website may boost the click-through rate of organic traffic from a high SERP ranking by 157 percent. Because online visitors spend more time on a landing page with a video than on a page without one, your client may significantly improve web visitor retention and minimize the bounce rate from all that web traffic.


No matter what kind of video you make for your local video marketing, what stops you when your contemporaries are creating ripples in the market? 

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