2021 LG OLED TVs Filmmaker Mode bring the cinema into your living room

One of the features that we have seen LG introduce to its OLED TVs this year is the Filmmaker Mode. 

Filmmaker Mode was created by the UHD Alliance, comprised of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers, film and television studios, content distributors and technology companies, seeking to ensure the best UHD viewing experiences. 

First unveiled in 2019 and featured in LG TVs in 2020, Filmmaker Mode was designed to preserve the visual intent of the content creator, bringing the home viewing experience as close as possible to that of an actual theatrical release. LG is also making this feature available in its 2021 TV lineup unveiled in August this year.

The models include the OLED Evo range, QNED Mini LED TV models, Nano Cell TV series, and UHD AI ThinQ TVs.

The OLED range includes three models with 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch options. LG also unveiled a new OLED EVO panel available in Gallery Model G1 along with new models in the A1, B1, and C1 series. The LG QNED Mini LED range on the other hand includes 8K and 4K models under the QNED99 and QNED91 series, respectively. 

Filmmaker Mode automatically turns off any picture processing settings that can make movies feel somewhat unnatural and cause them to display differently to how their directors would want. It does this while also maintaining the film’s original aspect ratio, colours and frame rate for a more authentic experience. 

In October this year,  LG started rolling out a feature update which will enable all LG 2020 and 2021 4K and 8K UHD Smart TV customers around the world to automatically be able to view movies and series on Prime Video in Filmmaker Mode. 

Combined with the deepest blacks, enhanced contrast, and vibrant colors of LG’s advanced TVs, viewers will get to experience depth and realism through Prime Video’s vast selection of movies and series. 

In addition to stellar picture quality, LG’s OLED TVs lineup boasts a range of features that further enhance the cinematic viewing experience. Dolby Vision™ IQ intelligently adjusts picture settings based on content genre and ambient light conditions, resulting in optimal image quality for every film and every environment. For superior sound, Dolby Atmos® enables detailed spatial surround that helps sweep viewers up in whatever they’re watching.

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