LG TONE Free Wireless Earbuds’ UVano Tech makes them the most hygienic buds around

The LG TONE Free wireless earbuds went on sale in Kenya this week. The earbuds are available in two models, HBS-FN6  and HBS-FN4 both featuring customized EQ sound settings developed by Meridian.

I have a number of earbuds I use but it’s thrilling to think about what’s next for the features we think of as complete necessities in them even though currently they sound like they’re out of reach. That includes features that promote hygiene and that have in the past not been adequately pronounced. 

Today, the concept of hygiene and sanitization is being realized in our very devices, thanks to LG’s ability to deliver innovation for a better life.

The LG Tone Free earbuds feature a UV Nano Charging Case that kills 99% of bacteria. The first time we saw LG use tech is on its recent InstaView refrigerators.

UVnano is a compound word derived from the words UV. Using ultraviolet light, the case helps to keep the wearer’s ears cleaner by eliminating 99.9 percent of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria on the earbuds’ inner mesh. The LED lighting on the top of the case makes it easy to monitor charging level and UVnano status.

UVano is however only available for the LG TONE Free FN6 Model. 

This is probably one of the features that sets the LG Tone Free earbuds apart from its rivals. For the cleaning function to be activated, the case has to be connected via the USB-C cable. Once it’s connected, LG says it takes just 10 minutes to kill the bacteria. 

With studies showing that earbuds can harbor more bacteria than a kitchen cutting board, leading to potential ear infections, the LG TONE Free FN6 Model eliminates the risk of contracting infections from the speaker mesh. 

The HBS-FN6 and HBS-FN4 come in two colors: matte Stylish Black and glossy Modern White.

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