This AI-driven platform from Hitlab wants to help independent African artists access career-making opportunities

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  • DEAS is a unique talent discovery vehicle from Hitlab.
  • Artists submit their songs on the platform and the songs are analyzed by Hitlab's patented, ground-breaking Digital Nuance Analysis (DNA) software. 
  • The DNA software can predict the success potential of new unknown songs

Media streaming and download service Boomplay and Hitlab, a digital media and entertainment company have launched a new AI-driven competition targeting independent artists across Africa. 

The competition, dubbed Digital Emerging Artist Showcase (DEAS), will see winners get a chance to be mentored and work with award-winning singer, song-writer, rapper and producer, Akon. 

“DEAS has launched at a time when the need for improved digitization of music processes is at an all-time high. What Hitlab has created here is Novel and it transcends what is obtainable as of now.  We are excited to play a crucial part in propelling emerging artists to the global stage through mentorship opportunities and securing partnerships with top producers and music executives globally . I urge emerging artists to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Tosin Sorinola, Artist and Media Relations Director at Transsnet Music says.

About Digital Emerging Artist Showcase (DEAS) – The AI Technology

DEAS is a unique talent discovery vehicle from Hitlab. Once artists submit their songs on the easy access platform with a fully digitized application process,  the songs are analyzed by the company’s patented, ground-breaking Digital Nuance Analysis (DNA) software. 

The DNA tool can predict the success potential of new unknown songs. According to Michel Zgarka, President and CEO of Hitlab Inc, the tool uses musical pattern extraction and state-of-the-art signal processing, to isolate music attributes and common sound patterns present in successful songs across any genre.

DNA references a historical database of millions of successful and failed songs, based on the past ten years of tracking on Billboard‘s top 100 charts in all categories, to identify the ones with the most potential for success within certain target markets.

AI is indeed an exciting new tool that is making business simpler and more secure, as well as opening up hitherto unimagined creative possibilities especially for artists. 

In 2020, Warner Music Group acquired a tech startup that uses an algorithm to review social, streaming, and touring data to find promising talent. In 2018, tech giant Apple also acquired Asaii, a startup that specializes in music analytics, to help them boost their A&R.

Hitlab’s R&D division has made significant enhancements to the AI technology to enable the most effective analysis and evaluation of an artists’ musical creation.

With this new campaign, Hitlab, through its partnership with Boomplay, is hoping to attract close to several million participants, music fans, and technophiles eager to see how the company is revolutionizing the way content is discovered.

How to submit your song

To submit songs, interested artists will have to part with $0.99 for 1 song, $3.99 for 5 songs and $ 9.99 for 15 songs. Songs can be submitted via this link. 

The competition is scheduled to run until September 2021, and thereafter winners will be announced via the same platform.

Other than being offered an opportunity to work with Akon, the competition will also offer the artists a recording contract with an international music label, partnership with Africa’s largest music streaming and download platform, amongst other exciting prizes. 

Download the Boomplay app on Android here and iOS here.

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