Spotify Announces Car Thing, an In-car Entertainment Touch-screen Device

Car Thing has no price tag, however, and is limited to few

Spotify wants to be your go-to platform for audio, even inside your car. While Spotify can be accessed via Android Auto and Apple Car Play, it is exploring a newer personalized option – a dedicated in-car entertainment hardware device.

Its first device, called Car Thing, features a sizable touch screen, a physical knob, a voice assistant, and four preset buttons – all providing an easier way to jump from songs to playlist to albums. The touch screen includes a familiar design to Spotify on mobile.

Spotify is targeting owners of older cars that lack modern, in-car infotainment systems. This is the primary market for Car Thing.

Spotify and Hardware

The streaming giant doesn’t express its long-term ambitions for Car Thing. It says Car Thing is just an exploration, and its major focus is still to become the world’s number one audio platform, “not on creating hardware.”

“We developed Car Thing because we saw a need from our users, many of whom were missing out on a seamless and personalized in-car listening experience,” Spotify said.

“No matter the year or model of your vehicle, we feel everyone should have a superior listening experience.”

Car Thing brings the modern in-car entertainment experience to more vehicles, which is the new device’s major intent.

Spotify’s Car Thing is only available in the US on an invite-only basis. No price has been mentioned, and the company is currently giving away the units for free – users have to pay for shipping.

Car audio entertainment is huge for Spotify, with over 70 million user-generated driving-related playlists on Spotify.

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