[Interview] Marundu Muturi, Customer Advocate, Incentro Africa

Marundu Muturi is a Customer Advocate at Incentro Africa, an IT service provider delivering custom build cloud-based software solutions for the European and African market.

Kindly introduce yourself and your roles at Incentro Africa 

I’m Marundu and I work on Google Workspace at Incentro Africa! I set up, manage, and support Google Workspace customers. Google Workspace is a suite of collaborative tools that enables you to do what you do more easily and efficiently. It includes email, document and spreadsheet preparation, using the calendar, and video meeting tools.

Your work revolves around working closely with customers especially with Google 

Workspace usage and Chrome enterprise. How is this like?

It’s exciting! There is a lot to learn beyond applications like Gmail and Google Drive. A lot goes on on the Admin back-end that most people don’t see. This is where most of the work is: setting up Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise so our customers can get up and running in minimal time.

With a background in engineering, how did you end up at Incentro Africa? 

I’ve always had a passion for customer success. All my roles have always been geared towards making life easier for customers. Having an engineering background enables me to understand things from a technical level. I then translate that to “everyday” language as most of our customers are not techy, nor do they have to be because they have us at Incentro.

Who are some of your partners and which customers you work with? 

Our biggest partner is Digicloud Africa, a Google enablement partner. What we do with customers – training, tools, support – they do with us.

We also work with all sorts of customers, large and small, big companies and individual firms with two or three people, ranging from insurance (Britam), to law firms (Mamicha and Co.), and to non-profits (Space For Giants). We recently started working with Cellulant and are very excited to be part of their journey to create the next generation of payment solutions using technology!

Your focus is on Workspace usage and Chrome enterprise. How’s the demand like for these Google services in the local market?

We’ve seen it grow in the past year. The world has changed and Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise enable people to better adapt to it. You can work from anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

We’re also seeing a surge in the demand for Chrome devices. People have become more open to using different software aside from Windows and have also become more demanding about what they want in a computer – speed, ease of use, and the ability to access information from anywhere and at any time (cloud-based and cloud-ready).

Chrome is especially suited for the demands of this new world: you can log into any Chrome device and pick up right where you left off! No need for set-up! No waiting for updates to install! All you need is your Google account and off you go!

We recently did a story on one of our customers, Rentokil, and their journey to Chrome devices. We’re proud to have worked with them to vastly improve the deployment and management of their computers.

What are some of your customer success stories as a Customer Advocate at Incentro Africa? 

It’s not just one story or even a story. It’s the empowering of our customers to have the confidence to get on with their work and their lives that makes what I do meaningful. That is what I consider success.

Any latest news from your company? 

All I can say is watch this space! We have a number of exciting things lined up and are very optimistic about this year!

Any closing remarks? 

We have a passion for customer success. We have, not just the attitude, but also the skills to back this up. We’re the only Google Premier Partner in Kenya and we’re the only Enterprise Work Transformation-certified company on the continent! Our customers are in the best hands.

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