Keep allergies at bay with LG’s TrueSteam laundry technology

Since the ancient days, mankind has used steam to get rid of toxins that cause disease. Human beings have steamed their faces, hands, backs and other parts of their body for ages. Steam therapy has brought much relief from acne, congestion, colds, and even sleep problems!  

For thousands of years, steam has also been known to alleviate discomfort caused by allergies. One of the most effective ways of allergy prevention is using steam to combat allergens (allergy triggers) like dust, mites, mold, pollen and pet hairs. 

So, apart from keeping clothes wrinkle-free, steam also helps keep fabrics free of allergens. Now, imagine laundry appliances that keep your home and family allergy-free. Some washing machines come with the steam option. They use a combination of steam and water to clean fabrics. 

LG home laundry solutions utilizes steam to keep your clothes in the finest shape and smelling just great. LG washers and dryers deploy innovative steam technology to ensure hygiene for clothing and a healthy living. Using TrueSteam technology at high temperatures removes allergens that could cause health problems. This cleans and dries your clothes and they come out dry and ready to wear. Talk of convenience! 

No hassles of drying out clothes on lines where they pick up dust and dirt. The TrueSteam technology has been found to be effective against allergens found on clothes by the British Allergy Foundation. 

How does TrueSteam work? It simply uses a steam generator to heat water to high temperatures thus eliminating germs and odors. Get rid of the dirt, wrinkles, dust, mites, mold and germs and keep your clothes clean and fresh. This is true optimization of the home cleaning experience to achieve both hygiene and safety from germs. 

Cleaning your beddings with steam gives you relaxed sleep. The cuddly toys your child plays can be thoroughly cleaned using TrueSteam technology thus giving you the peace of mind that your kid is safe from harmful germs. You also don’t have to banish pets from your home for fear of pet hair causing allergies in the home.  

In a world stricken by the Covid-19 pandemic, hygiene is paramount. Our lifestyles have changed and with LG’s superior steam technology, for the better. As the wise saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Keeping your family safe from germs and allergens is a sure of not having to make that visit to the doctor.

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