Nokia Phones Are the Industry’s Most Trusted, Counterpoint Research

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, leads the smartphone industry in trust rankings. The statistics come from Counterpoint Research’s latest trust rankings report released in 2020.

The company has lead Counterpoint Research’s trust leaderboard for the second year in a row.

The latest research is based on four aspects: how fast a company provides software and security updates to their devices, build quality, and the number of devices recommended for enterprise use.

Nokia phones lead the 2020 trust rankings on three key aspects; Software, Security Updates, and Build Quality.

HMD Global’s Nokia phones also have the most significant share of portfolio devices recommended for enterprise users.

Software and Security Updates

Software and security updates are critical to keeping a device in good condition in the long run. Security updates are also important in ensuring data privacy. You should therefore update regular security updates provided by smartphone companies as soon as it is available.

Nokia phones have a promise of three years of monthly security updates and two major Android updates courtesy of Google’s Android One program.

Android updates give Nokia smartphones an advantage over most smartphone companies who provide little to no updates.

Counterpoint estimates that 98% of smartphone companies offer inconsistent software and security updates or none at all.

All of the 20 eligible Nokia phones run Android 10 as of Q2 2020. Nokia had the highest security patch frequency in the industry.

Build Quality

This was based on various criteria, including product robustness, force measurement, drop and impact, fatigue, wear and scratch, thermal tests, moisture, and liquid tests, among other qualitative and quantitative measures.

According to the report, Nokia phones endured tougher tests than the industry average. It means that Nokia phones can provide more durability in the long-term, a key consideration while purchasing any touch-screen device.

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