The Changing Shape of African Cybersecurity

Concerns are rising but people need some education

The 2020 KnowBe4 African Report surveyed over 800 correspondents across eight countries to discover the continent’s view on cybersecurity and its risks in the pandemic-stricken world. The study shows a change in attitudes and behaviours.

The company surveyed individuals from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritius and Botswana.

The number of people concerned about has risen from just 38% in 2019 to nearly half (48%) in 2020. The team found 24% of the respondents had been affected by cybercrime while working from home.

“This year, respondents were even more concerned about cybercrime compared with 2019, with the number rising by 10% to 47.61%. Across all eight countries, there’s a growing awareness of the risks that come with cybercrime,” says Anna Collard, SVP of content strategy and evangelist, KnowBe4 Africa.

Even industry players continue to raise alarm on the increasing rate of cybercrime, only 30% of individuals believe that their governments have prioritised cybersecurity in policies.

Worst, many people still take unnecessary risks that could land them in trouble. KnowBe4 found out that almost 64% would give out personal information if they believe there’s a need or know what the information is being used for. But 7% would give away personal information if they got something back in return, like a discount. The worst-case scenario? 6% do it all the time.

Behaviour towards work is changing, with nearly 50% of the respondents revealing they plan to continue to work from home.

Collard insists on the need for organizations to train employees on online security and the attack methodologies used by cybercriminals.

“People need more help in learning about cyber threats, especially since 50% are continuing to work from home. Employee training is one of the most important defence mechanisms … They should also learn how to protect their home networks and what to do in the event of a security incident.”

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