Here are the worst 200 passwords of 2020

If your password is available on this list, change it immediately

Cybersecurity threats keep rising day by day with hackers armored with new advanced and sophisticated techniques to intrude systems. As such, the importance of having a strong, unique password can’t be emphasized enough.

But still, in the year 2020, you’ll be surprised that people still use easily crackable passwords like “00000000” and “123456789”.

Such passwords do next to nothing, if not absolutely nothing, in preventing a hacker from taking control over your online account. In fact, NordPass estimates it takes less than a second to crack passwords indicated above, and they’ve been leaked online millions of times.

NordPass has published a list of the 200 most common passwords of 2020 and how long it would take an attacker to crack.

These passwords are also easy to remember, which is the main reason behind their populous nature.  In the entire list, the majority of passwords can be cracked in less than a second.

The company has also gone a step further to compare the worst passwords of 2019 and 2020.

If your password is available on this list, change it immediately, observing the required criteria for strong passwords.

For instance, avoid using dictionary words, pure numbers, or letters of adjacent keyboard combinations. Your passwords should also be unique across different services and should not be attached to personal information.

To save yourself from the headache of creating and remembering passwords, use a password manager. Examples include Chrome’s password manager, LastPass, 1Password, NordPass, and Dashlane.

They are easy to use — and free –, and you only need to remember the master password. The password manager does the rest of the work.

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