Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: The role of women in business is changing

This week, the world has been celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. This is a day set aside to observe, celebrate, empower and support women in business around the world.

Founded in 2013,  Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was set to bring awareness to the millions of girls living in poverty globally, and deserve to be given a chance in life while at the same time inspiring other women on the planet. 

Conventionally, the role of a woman was mainly staying at home and taking care of her family. A woman’s place used to be home and some women even gave up their work after marrying, to stay at home as husbands were the breadwinners. In the contemporary world, however, things have changed as most women have been able to penetrate into the business and career world. They have been empowered and now have more control over their lives and families. Women are now actively participating in social and economic domains of the society, breaking the previously set barriers.

Women’s roles in and functions in business have steadily increased over the years and represent a big percentage of the global workforce, which has consequently seen a rise in the number of women entrepreneurs, especially here in Kenya. 

This year, financial services provider Ngao Credit is celebrating these women. Under the theme  ‘’Her Rise and Rise,’’ Ngao will be reflecting on the woman’s continuous rise despite all the challenges and responsibilities she has to juggle through between family and business.

Did you know, women’s businesses are among the leading ventures that lack financial support.? Unfortunately, it is very common for women to be denied loans because of gender and cultural biases. It is sad that even at this time of day, financial inclusion is still a nightmare to many, especially women. Many institutions would rather fund male-owned businesses as opposed to their female counterpart businesses, a challenge most women in business continue to face. Ngao Credit’s Jijenge loan product is unbiased and caters for all genders. Ngao acknowledges that with adequate support, women can achieve a lot and contribute to the country’s GDP. 

The product is unique and has been tailor-made to cater for business persons and SMEs especially those in supplies, construction and tenders business. This loan product is incredibly simple and straight-forward. Moreover, with Jijenge, SMEs will not need to worry about loan instalments and also get to pay after only 3 months. 

By enabling SMEs to pay for this loan facility after three months, Jijenge erases the concerns of the women entrepreneurs being unable to meet their payment obligations, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

As we mark Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in 2020, we should remember that Empowering a woman with knowledge is the beginning of a long journey to business or entrepreneurship success. You empower the woman, you empower the world!

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

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