Steam+ technology on the LG AI DD washers and its benefits

LG Electronics developed the first steam washer over 20 years ago

Steam has so many advantages. The first advantage according to a blog article published on Yale Appliance was during the prewash stage where the steam would work with the water to help soak the fabric more thoroughly. Secondly was during the wash phase. Here, the steam would increase the temperature of the water, making the wash more efficient as well as activating the detergent more effectively by dissolving it.

Lastly is during the rinse cycle. Here, the steam would sterilize and soften the clothes, as well as aid in wrinkle removal.

LG kept developing this technology and we have also seen it on the new LG AI DD washing machines that were recently launched in the Kenyan market. 

Benefits Steam+ technology on the LG AI DD washers 

The LG AI DD offers Steam+ technology, which reduces allergens with the ‘Allergy Care’ cycle. Use the ‘Allergy Care’ cycle and the Steam feature when you need to eliminate potential allergens like dust mites and pollen from clothing and bedding.

Benefits include:

    • Softer clothes: Usually we use fabric softener for softening clothes, but with steam+ technology on the LG AI DD washing machines, you don’t need to. The high temperatures naturally open up your fabrics or clothes allowing for better breathing and ultimately a softer feel.
    • Fewer wrinkles/Wrinkle Care: Steam+ technology on the AI DD washers help minimize wrinkles. They reduce your fabric’s wrinkles by 30% for easy ironing. 
    • Allergy care: Steam+ technology removes allergens 99.9%. Optimal temperature dissolves loosened allergens that can be locked into the fabric. This is good especially for anyone with children or allergy issues. 

The LG AI DD Washers also have enough space underneath to produce only steam without wetting the fabric. 

With steam+ technology, the washers are better for cleaning power. The extra temperature does loosen stains and are better for allergies and your clothes in general. 

The LG AI DD washing machines can be purchased from LG Brand shop or any LG recommended retailer across the country.

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